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One year later…

Okay, one year later… and it’s about time to flog this blog concept back into some sort of shape.

This time I’m thinking that a collaborative effort may work wonders, drawing from the inspiration, skills & knowledge of that rare beast – the professional Designers who work on SharePoint projects.

  • Are you a professional designer who deals with SharePoint?
  • Would you be interested in sharing some knowledge?
  • Or do you know or know of someone who might be interested?

Leave a comment & let me know what you think.


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Bookmark Library : Icon Sets

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Photoshop Template (06) for SharePoint


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Photoshop Template (05) for SharePoint

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A Peek at SharePoint 2010 & Light Themes

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Photoshop Template (03 & 04) for SharePoint

Thumbnail of Theme PSD


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Photoshop Template (02) for SharePoint

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Talking About Brand & Themes

Thought I’d stick my talk slides from the New Zealand SharePoint Conference up here… in case anyone finds them useful. I’ll add some accompanying notes soon.

I was glad to have the opportunity to speak (Thanks Mr Orange) – it was just a shame that due to heavy workload I could only pop along to the Conference for the talk, then leave straight after.

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Back with Links

Links to good examples of public Sharepoint sites can be very handy sources of inspiration. Seeing what is out there. Despite the fact that the following sites go a significant way further than simply customising Themes, they should hopefully give you something to think about. There are always elements we can learn from.

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Basic Graphic Considerations : Part 5

The Content Area

[ Supportive image to come ]

  • Avoid any use of rounded corners within the content area.
  • The simple black dropdown arrows need to remain as they are.
  • The icon next to the ‘add new’ text also needs to remain as is.
  • A particular style can be set for the various content area heading text colour, size, font and background colour/ subtle graphics for the heading bars.
  • You can also set individual styles for the general body content text, link text, table headers, table content, list text, and the ‘add new…’ text.
  • The colour and thickness of horizontal rules (lines) can be determined – and separate styling can be set for lines between headings and content areas, and lines between content and the ‘add new…’ text.
  • Tabular areas can also be styled, with column and row background colours, subtle background images, border colours / thickness.
  • The entire background to the content area can be styled in terms of colour. A subtle background image or repeat image could also be used but be very mindful of sufficient clarity and contrast around/behind the content, as well as how content components move around
  • The horizontal bar containing the breadcrumb at the top of the content area can be independently styled – text & link colour, font, padding, background colour/image.

Hmph … I’m sure I’m missing a load of little aspects here. Probably some big ones too. I’m distracted but I’ll post this anyhow, a work in progress. Do please feel free to question or correct me on any of these points!

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This site is intended as an independent Visual Designer's resource for Microsoft SharePoint 'Themes'. No code tips, no 'Master Page' advice, just visual considerations, suggestions & examples.