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Photoshop Template (02) for SharePoint

Thumbnail of Theme PSD

As promised, here’s a second handy layered Photoshop (CS3) file to use when creating a new Sharepoint Theme look & feel. Click here to find the zipped PSD on Windows Live. See if this is of any use to you and let me know how it goes.

  • All text is editable and the Fonts used are Georgia & Verdana
  • Two left nav panel variations are included (seperate layer folders)
  • Top nav highlight, dropdown list & site actions button visuals included (seperate layer folders)
Preview Image

Preview Image

Preview Image (alt nav)

Preview Image (alt nav)

I’ll likely provide some simple colour variations on this Theme shortly.

Feedback, comments & questions are all very welcome.


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2 Responses

  1. winky42 says:

    We’d like to use your themes as optional backgrounds for our private intranet. I have a newbie question for you. Would you have any instructions on how to convert the psd to css and upload for access in sharepoint?

    • davekeyes says:

      Hey Stacy.
      I just deal with visuals, but there are some handy sites online which give help with the css and deployment best practices. Heather Solomon’s resource site is recommended. If you do go ahead and create the theme files, could you pass me a copy? That would be a great free resource to provide. Stay in touch.

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